What we offer

The Technical Decision Group company provides certification of products / goods for the countries of the European Union (CE certification, CE marking, EU certificate).

We provide services in the field of:

  • mandatory and voluntary CE certification (CE-marking);
  • testing of products/goods;
  • certification of management systems.

Nowadays, CE marking is required for a number of different types of nuclear power products realized in the European Union. The CE mark is an indicator of products that meet the requirements of safety and labour protection, complies with certain EU directives.

Often the requirements are complex, and the wording and procedures in each industry have their own specific characteristics. That is why our clients use expertise. At the very first consultation, we will help you to minimize the time and speed up the process of obtaining a CE Certificate.

What areas do we work with?

Pressure equipment

Simple pressure vessels

Electrical and electronic devices and tools


Machinery and mechanisms


Stages of obtaining the CE certificate

1. Call or leave a request on the website

Technical Decision Group experts will advise you on the applicability of the relevant EU Directives, as well as the EU harmonized standards, when delivering products to Europe

2. We check the relevant technical documentation

Each of the EU Directives requires the development of special technical documents. TDGROUP provides a wide range of services: from consulting on the release of the necessary technical documentation to its approval by the European Notified Body

3. Organization of supervision of the European authorized body

Depending on the selected module of the EU Directive, the Technical Decision Group will organize supervision during the manufacturing and testing of equipment, as well as provide technical support in case of non-conformities identified by the authorized body

4. Issue of the CE Certificate of Conformity

We issue the CE Certificate of Conformity

The certificate is issued within 10 days after the successful implementation of the full scope of supervision by the authorized body. The certificate is issued on the letterhead of the European authorized body, its original is sent by mail to the Customer (delivery takes no more than 5 days)

Our advantages


TDGROUP Russia carries out expert support within cooperation with the European Certification authority of products/goods for the countries of the European Union (certification of SE, marking of SE, the EU the certificate, the certificate of the European Union). We are ready to provide a full list of accreditation documents

Without intermediaries

Working without intermediaries guarantees the absence of overpayments. On the other hand, it guarantees the performance of work on time and with high quality. Working with your own certified body and laboratory allows to carry out Certification at the European level

Contract terms

We fix the terms and agreements in the contract. You can be sure that the task assigned to us will be completed.


Cooperation with leading experts and practitioners in the field of certification on European standards guarantees the minimization of risks

Our offices:

Head Office:

Moscow, Novodmitrovskaya str. 5A - 3

Branch office:

St. Petersburg, Stepan Razin str., 7 / 78A
+7 (812) 606-74-94

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Technical Decision Group

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