EOS-Quality is a unified industry quality management system

EOS-Quality is a unified industry quality management system

In June 2019, Rosatom State Corporation implemented the Unified Industry Quality Management System project. In May 2021, the EOS-Quality software was registered with Rospatent. In fact, this is an automated solution for managing and controlling the quality of products in the nuclear industry. The project is included in the general program of the digital development strategy of Rosatom Corporation. It is aimed at collecting information about enterprises and managing non-compliance on them.

The purpose of creating EOS-Quality

With the connected EOS information system, the customer has unhindered control over the quality, the manufacturing process, and the timing of the order by the contractor. If defects are found, he gives a signal to the performer about their immediate elimination. This is done at any stage of production. This is a solution to the problem with time and financial costs for their later discovery. In addition, it significantly saves labor resources, facilitates auditing and a complete control system.

This is an innovative information product where other users — potential future customers — can observe the non-conformity elimination process. Rosatom is the first and so far the only nuclear power corporation that has implemented such a large-scale quality management system.

Key points of EOS-Quality:

  • Real-time access to information about the quality of material, services.
  • Automation of processes and thereby increase the processing speed of quality management data up to 2 times.
  • Quick notification of violation to the organization concerned.
  • Full transition of users to electronic document management, recognition of ES, including foreign partners.

Currently, more than 1200 organizations are registered in the system. More than 500 users work online every day. There are about 10,000 accounts in total. The geography of using the solution is quite wide. In addition to Russia, participants from the Republic of Turkey, Belarus, Hungary, and Finland are registered in it.

The effectiveness of the quality management system

Before entrusting a major project for the supply and manufacture of equipment, components or certain services, the customer organization conducts an audit of the future partner. Auditors visit the enterprise to check the capacity, the availability of the necessary resources to perform the work.

The EOS-Quality system from Rosatom makes this process automated. In production, cameras are installed for control, the recording can be rewound. The auditor assesses compliance remotely. Electronic document management significantly speeds up decision making.

EOS-Quality is integrated into other information products:

  • Litigation — drafting lawsuits and claims.
  • TCM NC — control and management of the construction of energy facilities.
  • NPP Experience — fixing violations in the operation of nuclear power plants.
  • Planner is a joint design institute.

During the first six months of using a unified industry system, the time to eliminate non-compliance was reduced by a quarter. Recognition of EDS and access to the database have significantly optimized the work of employees in the field of nuclear energy.

Connection nuances

The information solution is built on the principle of import independence, on Russian software. Based on 1C:Enterprise and the Russian content management system Bitrix. The user account has a logical interface. Language — Russian and English with the possibility of bilingual formation of documents.

Participants can build a messaging hierarchy and forward non-compliance information to subcontractors. There is also a built-in function for automatic reporting on specific parameters.

To participate in the EOS-Quality system, you must:

Choose your category: an employee of an industry enterprise, a counterparty or a foreigner (a citizen of the Russian Federation who is abroad).
Sign in, create an account.
Pass the required testing.
Familiarize yourself with the regulatory documentation and accept all the rules for using the system.

Although the process of connecting to the Rosatom project is intuitive, some companies may still have questions about the technical aspects of use. TD-Group is ready to provide comprehensive assistance in organizing the process of procurement, supply and search for partners in the energy sector.
Advisory services for domestic and foreign companies TD-Group will help with the solution of any issue, no matter what stage the organization is at. Starting from the search for a supplier, development of documentation and auditing, ending with certification and control support. Ready to meet with clients at the office in Moscow or St. Petersburg. We also provide advice to foreign companies by means of correspondence, telephone communication or videoconferencing.
We train employees:

User settings and administration of the EOS-Quality electronic cabinet.
Primary verification and setting up the admin panel.
Passing testing.
Creation of reports, contacting with contractors, correspondence.

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