How to become a supplier for Akkuyu NPP ( Turkey)

At 20 May TD-Group held a webinar for our colleagues from Europe.

It was an educational webinar:  «How to become a supplier for Akkuyu NPP (Turkey)”.  More information you can find by the link:

At the seminar program our expert spoke about:

  • The development stages,
  • NPP equipment needs
  • the regulation system,
  • the participant’s roles
  • how to launch work, supply process
  • shared expertise and real experience

Why we decided to talk about that right now, answered Artem Mushkaterov — CEO TD-GRoup: «The construction of The Akkuyu Nuclear Power Station begins. There are 8000 people working at the construction site and more than 400 companies in different countries manufactures a wide range of equipment. The four nuclear power units under construction in Turkey now and it should be completed once per year between 2023 and 2026. Manufacturers all over the world have the opportunity to join the project. TD-Group provides services on equipment supply support and has a history of fast-tracking the pumps, motors intended for nuclear power plants operation. We will be happy to shed some light on the process, answer your questions and invite you to a free educational seminar at May 20, 2021»

To all participants after the webinar we sent several materials of webinar topic :

— Link for recording
— Webinar presentation and short summary
— Checklist for Akkuyu suppliers

We will continue to hold such events several times a month.  So you can subscribe to us and get more information.