How to become an equipment supplier for Akkuyu NPP. Deliveries to Akkuyu NPP

Deliveries to Akkuyu NPP

Deliveries to Akkuyu NPP — negotiations on the launch of the Akkuyu nuclear power plant have been going on for 20 years. In May 2010, the top leadership of Russia and the Republic of Turkey signed an agreement on construction. In 2018, V. Putin and his Turkish counterpart E. Erdogan launched the company via video conference. The amount of the project is 20 billion dollars. 99% of the project share belongs to Rosatom. This means that a state corporation is responsible for deliveries to Akkuyu NPP.


Akkuyu Nuclear JSC is a Russian design bureau organized in Turkey. Its mission is to be the first in the world to implement the BOO model. In translation, the abbreviation: construction, ownership, operation. The Russians are entrusted with the mission to develop a project, build power units, arrange supplies of equipment to the Akkuyu NPP, put it into operation and subsequently service the NPP.

The territory is the southeastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, the province of Mersin. Here, far from residential areas, 4 power units are being built. The total capacity is 4800 megawatts. This is enough to provide electricity for 10% of Turkey’s needs. The expected operating time of the station is at least 60 years with the possibility of prolongation for another 20 years.

According to Anastasia Zoteeva, General Director of Akkuyu Nuklear AŞ, the first unit of the nuclear power plant will be launched in 2023. The exact date is October 29, 2023. On this day, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the republic will be celebrated. Active construction is underway. At the moment, only the fourth unit is at the initial stage, all the rest are built and partially equipped, delivery of equipment to the Akkuyu NPP is expected.

A feature of the technological solution is the use of a water reactor of the third generation VVER. It complies with the IAEA standards and the Requirements of the World Nuclear Community. Rosatom works in conjunction with the ministries and agencies of Turkey in the field of energy, transport, ecology and nuclear regulation. In Russia, Turkish specialists in the nuclear industry are being trained. Graduates of Moscow and St. Petersburg universities will continue to operate this nuclear power plant.

Supply of equipment to Akkuyu NPP

Supply of equipment to Akkuyu NPP — the main deliveries to the Akkuyu NPP will be raffled off at tenders among Russian companies. Turkish partners will participate in the installation and construction work. It is planned to attract companies from other countries to assist in the further operation of power units.

Procurement for AKKUYU began in 2012. They take place according to the standard scheme of Rosatom. All current and past procurement programs are published on the corporation’s official website.

To get acquainted with the offers, you need to take a few steps:

Open the search form on the Procurements of Rosatom website.
In the «customer» field, select «JSC Akkuyu», indicate the current year.
Enter the desired date, method of purchase (auction, competition, request).
Write down the maximum contract price.

If supplies to Akkuyu NPP involve critical products, check the appropriate box. In the resulting list, you need to select the offer of interest. Possible payment currencies: dollar, ruble, Turkish lira. Small services and deliveries are normally accepted under the simplified system. Expensive supplies of equipment to the Akkuyu NPP imply the registration of the company as a supplier and the verification of permits for activities and directly for the equipment.

How to become a procurement participant

First of all, you need to register the company on the procurement site. This is followed by strict verification, testing, approval of the company as a reliable supplier. In the case of a positive decision, you can start tracking requests for supplies to Akkuyu NPP.

If such an offer is found, the firm acts as follows:

Submits an application.
Waiting for the selection and rebidding of proposals
Prepares additional documents if required by the contract.

Akkuyu is a long-term project with good funding. To get into the number of suppliers, an enterprise needs to be prepared for great competition, frequent audits, and strict control. Equipment supplies are carefully filtered proposals. At any stage, the company may be refused, citing a lack of certificates and laboratory conclusions, insufficient qualifications of personnel, and an incomplete package of documents.

In order to increase your chances of partnering with Akkuyu and setting up supplies to Turkey, it would be right to order consulting services from a company specializing in working with factories and manufacturers of equipment for nuclear power plants.

TD Group — support for the supply of equipment for the nuclear power industry

The TD-Group team is ready to provide advice on narrow issues, or it will be able to conduct a supply project from A to Z. We work with equipment manufacturers. We help to participate in the tender, monitor new procurement positions, prepare the necessary documents. We will train your team, in the future you will be able to win the most expensive purchases on your own.

We know the nuances of supplying equipment to the Akkuyu NPP. We will conduct our own independent audit and point out errors if any are found. Contacting us minimizes the risks of not accepting an application on the procurement website. Give us a call and we’ll look into your issue as soon as possible.

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