Purchases of Rosatom. Information for participants

Purchases of Rosatom. Information for participants

Procurement by Rosatom is a tender platform for Russia’s largest nuclear power corporation. The purchase of goods, equipment and services for the design and construction of nuclear power plants has its own characteristics and requirements for contractors. Annual purchases worth hundreds of billions are regulated by Law 223-FZ. All participants must comply with the requirements of a single industry Standard.

Procurement sites of Rosatom

Rosatom is the state regulator for the development, use and management of nuclear energy companies. It includes more than 400 organizations of the atomic and nuclear weapons complex, scientific research institutes and the nuclear icebreaker fleet. Their activity implies periodic needs for goods, services, equipment.

The Corporation has created the site «Purchases of Rosatom». It publishes information about current, published, completed and canceled purchases. The resource describes in detail the legal aspects of bidding support, instructions, complaints and appeal to arbitration. There is a section with data of unscrupulous suppliers.

You can learn about the procurement schedule, plans and already concluded contracts on the official website or on partner sites: EETP (Rosseltorg), B2B-center electronic auction, Fabrikant — commercial auction.

How to become a supplier and participate in the procurement of Rosatom

A special section for training new suppliers has been created on the Rosatom Procurement page. These are two electronic instructions with brief and detailed explanations. 56 interactive slides illustrate registration and participation in public procurement step by step. The video course lasts a little over an hour.

Briefly, Rosatom’s purchases consist of the following items:

Search notification. Users registered in the system find all the data on the subject of the purchase, documentation, the procedure and terms of payment.
Submission of an application for participation, filling out a questionnaire, information about the specification and cost of the lot.
Opening applications. The auction organizer has access to all offers. Other participants also see them in the public domain.
Selection of candidates. If necessary, request additional documentation.
Rebidding. This is a proposal update. Bidders can lower the price or offer a higher quality service to win the bid.
Protocol and evaluation of applications. Each participant of the «Procurement of Rosatom» is assigned a rating based on his proposal.
Multi-stage competitions. The application can go through several stages and each of them requires its own additional upload of documents.

The procedure for participation as a supplier for the Rosatom Procurement requires a detailed study of the documentary base. When declaring its participation in a multi-million dollar supply, the company must have all permits, licenses and permits on hand. For companies with low turnover and goods without strict certification, the procedure is slightly simplified.

Small purchases of Rosatom

In 2018, in order to simplify the bidding procedure, the service «online store for small purchases» was launched. Initially, the amount of purchases should not exceed 1 million rubles. Today, this value has increased and is equal to 3 million.

The purpose of the site is the quick purchase of simple goods for nuclear industry enterprises. This is a kind of replacement for “small purchases”. Bidding significantly reduces the time to select a supplier. Trading is transparent. The choice of the winner falls on the company with the best price offer.

Small purchases by Rosatom are presented in the following categories:

Tools and building materials.
Personal protective equipment, overalls.
Food, household chemicals.
Stationery, office equipment, everything for office work.

A company of any form of ownership can become a supplier. It is necessary to pass accreditation, obtain an EDS, upload an offer and a price list. The conclusion of the contract, consideration of proposals takes place online. These purchases by Rosatom do not require certification. An excellent opportunity to expand sales to small and medium-sized businesses.

The annual trading volume is about 10 billion rubles. At the moment, more than 300 buyers are registered in the system. The number of firms offering goods is many times greater.

Accompanying assistance in procurement of Rosatom

Often, specialists from specialized companies are involved to send a request for purchases to Rosatom. Technical Decision Group provides comprehensive assistance in registration and application for participation in the auction. Difficulties with the formation of an offer may arise at any of the listed stages of the auction: the request for documents, the registration itself, verification as a supplier.

Collaboration can take several forms:

Training of personnel to participate in the procurement of Rosatom.
Advice on a complex issue. For example, in case of failure at one of the stages.
Bidding until a guaranteed victory.
Tracking offers based on the specifics of the goods and services of the company.

To contact a specialist, leave a request in the form on the website or dial us. Ready to meet and discuss the details. Send a package of documents and a link to the purchase of interest if you need advice on a specific issue.

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