Rosatom expects revenue to growth to 4 trillion rubles by 2030

Rosatom expects a threefold increase in revenue by 2030, said the company’s First Deputy Director General Kirill Komarov in an interview with the Financial Times newspaper.
According to Komarov, revenue will grow to 4 trillion rubles ($56 billion) by 2030 and 40% of this revenue will be generated by new lines of business.
As previously reported, Rosatom predicts about 1.5 trillion rubles in revenue by the end of 2021. The company’s IFRS-recognised 2019 revenue amounted to 1,151.9 trillion rubles – a 11.4% increase on the year. Data for 2020 has not yet been disclosed.
The company has 11 strategic development programmes in new business areas, including wind energy, products and services for the oil and gas industry, waste management, composite materials, nuclear medicine and technology, energy storage, additive technologies, digital products, smart city development, international logistics services, industrial automation, and electrical engineering.