RPV welded for unit 1 of Bangladesh nuclear power plant

The Volgodonsk branch of AEM Technologies had completed the closing weld that connected the two halves of the reactor pressure vessel (RPV) being manufactured for unit 1 of the Rooppur nuclear power plant in Bangladesh.
Atomenergomash is the engineering division of Russia’s state nuclear corporation, ROSATOM.
The operation lasted for ten days with continuous heating of the weld zone — from 150 to 300 degrees Celsius. During this time, about two tons of flux and more than one and a half tons of wire were used.
After welding, the RPV weighing 320 tons will be heated to 300 degrees and, using a crane, will be transferred to the furnace for two days of heat treatment.
The next stage will be quality control operations including x-ray flaw detection, ultrasound and capillary control inspections.
AEM Technologies is manufacturing the internals for the RPV, as well as the reactor lid and the upper block.
Atomenergomash is the supplier of all the equipment for the reactor compartment of Rooppur NPP and a significant part of the equipment for the machine room.
ROSATOM is building two 1200MWe VVER-1200 units at Rooppur, which is on the eastern bank of the river Ganges.